Fusion Entertainment is an artist-driven management and strategic advisory company. We represent a diverse array of creators including writers, directors, actors, multi-hyphenates and documentarians. We also provide services to entertainment industry companies across production and distribution.

We are launching Fusion in a multi-platform landscape that is hungry for fresh faces, original voices and imaginative storytelling – our bailiwick. We seek out artists that are forging their own paths to make vibrant, gutsy work. We have a proven track record of spotting new and compellingly unique talent, taking on clients early in their careers, before they have broken through, and working tirelessly and creatively to make sure that they do break through. And although we are a new company, we have loyal clients who have been with us for more than a decade.

Our client relationships are built on transparency, trust and integrity. We believe in our clients and we advocate for them fiercely. In a big company, individualized attention tends to get diluted as the corporate mandate for growth takes over. That won’t happen at Fusion. Clients can count on Fusion to stay focused, exclusive and creative. Studios, digital services, financiers, production companies and other entities can look to Fusion as a go-to resource for talent and projects that stand out from the pack.



KERSH has more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry as a manager, publicist and producer. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as a passionate advocate for new and distinctive voices and has played a pivotal role in launching a host of benchmark independent films.


EVANS has a decade of experience managing actors, writers, and directors. After starting his career in documentaries, he carved out a niche for himself as a young manager with an eye for indie talent at a New York management company. Coming from a family of Black small business owners, he wanted to expand into his own business with a partner — where his voice and creative vision could be both valued and realized.


Director of Special Projects
MYERS has worked in the film industry for nearly ten years with experience in film journalism, film festivals and film publicity. She formerly worked under Kersh at Brigade Marketing and spearheaded communications as well as some specialty programming for the Quad Cinema, which she helped relaunch following the theater's renovation in 2017. She is passionate about helping independent filmmakers realize their visions and finding creative pathways for films and to reach the audiences they deserve. She holds an MA in Film Studies from Columbia University.